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Sambal Chili Sauce

 Below we have a large selection of Indonesian Sambal hot chili sauces in many different flavors including bajak, balado,  oelek, goreng, ikan, and terasi. We even have  common ones like hot & sweet, extra hot and original sambal. We provide many different brands, such as ABC, Ibu, Gaga, Lingham, and much more. Sambal is almost a  necessity for indonesian home meals and is widely used. Sambal goes great with almost every meal. It can give that added kick to your recipe, or even at a taste of sweet and  spicy to it. Our Jeruk Limau also helps to add a good flavor to the sambal.

Sambal Bajak has a more unique flavor, and contains more garlic and onions.
Sambal Terasi is a spicy chili paste, made of shrimp, salt and red chile to give it that spicy flavour
Sambal Oelek is most standard type of sambal, containing chili peppers and salt
Sambal Balado contains red or green chile along with shallot and garlic, and is great for many dishes.
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Indonesian Sambal is a chili-based sauce and one of the most popular Indonesian dishes. The combination of chilies, tangy lime juice, sugar and salt all pounded up with mortar; creating such an aroma and mystique taste to the dishes. Sambal, among Indonesia and Malaysia restaurants has become their main attraction, with options that include young mango, mushroom and durian. Sambal comes in over 300 different variations and uses a variety of different peppers. The most common peppers are adyume (habanero), cayenne pepper, Madame Jeanette, bird’s eye chili (cabe rawit), red and green chili peppers (lombok), and cabe taliwang. It is traditionally made with a stone mortar and pestle. Sambal may be raw or cooked and is used in many dishes such as vegetable, fish, chicken, seafood, and more.

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